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Multipower ECO 8000

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Aquaforte Multipower 8000

Aquaforte Multipower 8000

Ref: RD120

With this pump you now have the ability to control the power consumption of your pump. The control unit enables you to control the amount of power the pump consumes. As soon as the pump is running, the display will show the actual consumption (wattage). The Multipower Eco 8000 has been developed specially for transportation of large amounts of water at low pressure.

Thanks to its big impeller wings even heavily polluted water (solids up to 10mm) can be displaced easily.

The high capacity makes the Multipower Eco ideal for filter systems or as a watercourse pump.

Can be used for both wet and dry installation (inlet must be under water level).

Thanks to the modern Brushless Motor Controller the pump consumes 25% less energy than a conventional pump. An advantage of this pump is that you
have control over the power consumption, and thus the capacity.

Comes with hosetails 25/32/40mm and 40mm solvent weld Socket

Performance Table for the Multipower Eco 8000 Pump


TypeFlow RangeHead RangePower
m/hr (UK gph)metres (ft)Watts
Multipower Eco 80003 - 8 (660 - 1760).9 -3.1 (2.95 - 10.1)14 - 75

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