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Estrad 7000 Series Ozone Generator

Estrad 7000 Series Ozone Generator
Ref: ES7000

Estrad BV introduces a new range of air cooled ozone generators with a highly innovative technique and design. The capacities and the use of these generators are adjusted for the use in (Koi-)ponds. Estrad has as no other experience in this market in which a lot of people use to small ozone generators. The generators start from 4000 up to 25000 mg O3 / hour. In a Koi-pond you should use, after a good mechanical filtration, about 150 mg per 1000 l (1m3) pond volume!

The Estrad units are ideally suited to ponds of 2000 gallons and above as they produce substantial levels of Ozone.

The Estrad Ozone generators are very sophisticated units complete with Redox Controllers and Redox probes as these systems produce relatively large volumes of Ozone. (If fitted in smaller pond environments it is imperative that Ozone dosing is automatically controlled). The units also have built in air dryers to ensure that dry air is drawn in to the unit, thus ensuring optimum performance. They also incorporate air flow monitors and are fitted with flow and Ozone alarms which switch off Ozone production if required

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Teflon Non Return Valves

Teflon Non Return Valves

Ozone resistant Non Return Valves

Price: 29.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Air Flow Sensor for Estrad Ozone System

Air Flow Sensor for Estrad Ozone System

The Airflow sensor measures the amount of air being drawn through the generator into the venturi on the mixing chamber. It sends this flow information to the Estrad Ozone Generator to control the quantity of Ozone generated

Price: 107.05 (Including VAT at 20%)

Air Filter for Estrad Ozone System

Air Filter for Estrad  Ozone System

Ensures that clean air is supplied to Estrad Ozone Generator

Price: 34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Teflon Tube 6mm

Teflon Tube 6mm

Resistant to Ozone

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