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Fujiyama Koi Food

Fujiyama Koi Food
Staple Food

Fujiyama uses a balanced formula of fishmeal, feed oil and grains. it increases the appetite of koi and helps to maintain a good body shape.

Vitamin C is used in this food to help maintain the whiteness of the body whilst also helping to reduce the stress levels. This pellet holds its shape well in the water and therefore does not reduce the water quality.

Fish Meal, Tofu, Rice husks, Corn, Wheat, Minerals, Wheat chaff, Vitamins.

Protein: 30.0% Fat 5.0% Fiber 5.6% Ash 6.9% Phosphate 0.7% Calcium 0.4%

Phosphate 0.7% , Calcium 0.4%

A 10,000 IU/kg D3 1,000 IU/kg E 200mg/kg C 150 mg/kg

Available in Medium(4 - 5mm) or Large (6 - 7mm) Pellets.

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