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Hidro Clean 49cm

Hidro Clean 49cm
Ref: HIDR049
Suitable for Koi Ponds

Hidro Clean Cartridge Filters are easy to use and maintain and are ideal for use with Koi ponds, offering a more cost effective and compact alternative to a sand filter. The Hidro Clean Filter should be positioned after the pump and before the UV filter (if fitted) and can be used as a "polishing" tool. Hidro Clean Filters are suitable for flow rates of up to 40m3 per hour but can be manifolded together if higher flow rates are required.

Hidro Clean mechanical cartridge filters offer pressurized, pump-fed mechanical filtration to a particle size of 105 microns. They are ideal for use as a pre-filter to pump-fed bio-filters to remove solids before they are able to foul the biological media.
Hidro Clean units are designed to be easy to maintain. Cleaning the cartridge requires no special chemicals or tools. Settled debris within the cartridge can be flushed out by installing a drain valve (not supplied) to one of the two outlets at the base of the filter body.

Two filter grades are available- 105 micron (yellow cartridge) and 125 micron (blue cartridge). Click on BUTTON below to select Filter rating required

Filter Inllet and Outlet Connections are 2" male threaded

Price: 399.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • 105micron (yellow)   
  • 125micron (blue)   

Stand for Hidro Clean

Stand for Hidro Clean

A Stand is required to mount the Hidroclean and support its weight. The stand also facilitates installation as the outlet thread at the bottom of the Hidroclean screws directly into the 2" Female thread in the socket union fitted to the top of the stand. An outlet conection on the side of the stand (2" Plain Socket) is also provided

Price: 49.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

Hydro + Filter + Stand

Hydro + Filter + Stand

Price: 439.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • Hidro+105 Miceon(Yellow)+Stand   
  • Hidro+125 Miceon(blue)+Stand   

Replacement Hidro Clean Cartridge

Replacement Hidro Clean Cartridge

Two filter grades are available- 105 micron/140 mesh (yellow cartridge) and 125 micron/120 mesh (blue cartridge).

Price: 209.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • 105 Micron   
  • 125 Micron