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Kinshi Trickle Shower Tower

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Kinshi Trickle Shower Tower

Kinshi Trickle Shower Tower
The High-Tech Kinshi Trickle Tower effectively converts harmful dissolved waste (such as proteins, ammonium, nitrite, etc.) in the pond water into harmless compounds.

The more fish swimming in a pond, the more waste. Aerobic bacteria (bacteria in an oxygen rich environment) that break down waste into nitrate, a substance that is less harmful to water quality. To keep Koi, healthy, good water quality is very important.

The water enters the top of the High-Tech Trickle Tower filter where it is distributed over two spray bars. Below are two so-called drip units mounted bearing a perforated bottom where the water flows through easily. The drop units are filled with a filter material of choice. We recommend Crystal Bio 100lltrs.
The units also have air holes, allowing oxygen to be drawn in. Optimal oxygen saturation of the water is thus achieved. The excess oxygen in the warm periods of the year hardly a lack of oxygen in the pond created. The outlet box has a nice return to the pond.
The bottom tray has a waste outlet of 50 mm. It is constructed from high-quality polypropylene for a long life.

Pump capacity: 20 000 liters / hour
Dimensions: 92 x 35 x 110 cm
Water supply: 50 mm
Drain Plug 1 "½ (50 mm)

Color: Sahara
Material: Polypropylene

Price: 659.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kinshi Sieve Trickle Tower

Kinshi Sieve Trickle Tower
The Kinshi High-tech trickle sieve gives you all of the benefits of a trickle tower with the advantage of pre-filtering the water prior to the "trickle" process! Brilliant!

Pump capacity: 2 x 20 000 liters / hour
Dimensions: 102 x 47 x 150 cm
Water supply: 2 x 2 "(63 mm)
Drainage: 3 x 110 mm
Dirt Drain: 2 x 1.5 "(50 mm)

Top Tray 1: 2x sieves (445 x 400 mm, 300 micron)
Middle tray: Crystal Bio
Bottom tray: Jap Mats (Blue)

Material: Polypropylene
Color: Sahara

Price: 2,175.00 (Including VAT at 20%)