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Oase Biotech Screenmatic Pond Filters Specification
ModelSize LxxWxHInlet PipeOutlet PipePond Size No fish/Fish Pond Size - KoiFlow Rate
mminchesmmLitreLitre (gallons)Litre/hr (gph)
Biotech 12 Screenmatic792 x 592 x 4302 x 1" - 1"7050000/2500012500 (2700)12000 (2600)
Biotech 18 Screenmatic792 x 592 x 5302 x 1" - 1"7060000/3000015000 (3300)16000 (3500)
Biotech 36 Screenmatic1200 x 800 x7002 x 1" - 1"110140000/7000035000 (7700)23000 (5000)

Oase Biotech Screenmatic

Oase Biotech Screenmatic

The new Biotec Screenmatic enables safer and easier removal of coarse substances from the pond. The solids are withdrawn from the filter system via an extractor sieve and are transported into a collection tank through a permanent cleaning process. This can be easily removed. The Screenmatic drive cleans the sieve continuously and guarantees sustainable flow.

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Oase Biosys Set Pond Filters Specification
ModelFilterUV ClarifierPumpPond Size - Koi
(watt)Litre (gallons)
Biosys Set 3Biotech 12 ScreenmaticBitron 36 (36)Aquamax Eco 1200012500 (2600)
Biosys Set 4Biotech 18 ScreenmaticBitron 55 (55)Aquamax Eco 1600016000 (3500)


Oase Biosys Set

Oase Biosys Set
Scientifically tested complete filter systems for effectively cleaning ponds of different sizes. Consisting of 1. Mechanical, biological Biotec filter, 2. Bitron UVC clarifier and 3. Aquamax/Promax filter pump. Whether a new design interest or increasing fish stock: Statistically considered, every pond will be changed and adapted several times. With BIOsys you have a filtering system that consists of various components and performance classes that can be modularly extended without complex construction work. OASE has put four BIOsys Sets together for you to ensure a successful introduction.

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Oase Filterclear Set Pond Filters Specification
ModelSize Dia x HInlet PipeInlet PipePond Size No fish/Fish UV PowerContents
Filterclear Set 3 11000380 x 550 1 1/21 1/211000/550011F/Clear 11000 + Aquamax Eco 8000
Filterclear Set 4 15000380 x 6701 1/21 1/215000/750011F/Clear 15000 + Aquamax Eco 12000

Oase Filterclear Sets

Oase Filterclear Sets
Crystal clear ponds are natural thanks to the ideal combination of energy-efficient Aquamax Eco filter pump, and the Filtoclear pressure filter with integrated UVC. We have put together four BIOsys Filtoclear sets consisting of pump, filter, and UVC, as ideal combinations from the many possibilities, so that you can quickly find the combination that fits your needs. In the table below we recommend practical individual combinations and complete sets at a glance.

BIOsys Filtoclear sets include Biokick filter starter: Medium blue highlighted lines. Other sets have combinations of recommended individual components and can be ordered separately.

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Oase Filterclear Pond Filters Specification
ModelSize Dia x HInlet PipeInlet PipePond Size No fish/Fish UV Power
Filterclear 11000380 x 5503/41 1/212000/600011
Filterclear 15000380 x 6703/41 1/216000/800011

Oase Filterclear

Oase Filterclear
Innovative, effective pressure filter range with integrated UVC-clarifier
Extremely user-friendly thanks to "Easy-Clean-Technology"
Sealed pressure container – thus the filters can be almost completely buried in the ground and can supply higher-elevation watercourses
Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, enclosed system, where a working pressure of 5 m head height can be built up
Improved clarification thanks to a highgloss finish stainless steel facing in the interior of the UVC clarifier (Filtoclear 15000 only)

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Oase Filtomatic Pond Filters Specification
ModelMax Flow RateSize (LxWxH)Inlet PipePond Size No fish/Fish UV Power
Filtomatic 3000CWS4000 (880)400x400x52016000/300011
Filtomatic 6000CWS5000 (1100)400x400x720112000/600018
Filtomatic 12000CWS6000 (1320)400x600x720124000/1200024

Oase Filtomatic

Oase Filtomatic
A pioneering filter technology innovation: An automatic self-cleaning filter that autonomously monitors virtually all of the loads that can upset the balance in the pond, and thus ensures clean water – 365 days a year. With the intelligent control unit the UVC clarifier is activated manually or automatically and the filter is cleaned by the sludge pump that is also contained in the filter.

Product characteristics and advantages:

Innovative, self-cleaning filter set with:
Integrated UVC clarifier
Integrated pump system for sludge discharge

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