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Pontec Pondomax Eco Pump

Pontec Pondomax Eco Pump


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The PondoMax Eco is a genuine, energy-efficient, Pontec all-round talent for every garden pond!
This pump is perfect for flexible implementation - for watercourses and waterfalls, as well as for filter-feed!

The PondoMax filter and watercourse pumps are particularly characterised by their reliability and energy-efficiency! Debris particles up to 4 mm or 8 mm in size are pumped with no problems. Even watercourses and waterfalls are powerfully supplied - thus the water in your pond is really placed in motion!

Max Debris Size 8.0mm

Port Connections - Multi Step Hosetail ¾", 1", 1¼" Attached to a 1½" Male Thread

Including thermal protection and 3 year guarantee!

Pondtec Pondomax ECO Performance Table

ModelMax FlowMax HeadPowerCable Length
Litres/hr (UK gph)m (ft)Wattsmetres
Eco50005000 (1100) 2.6 (8.5)6010
Eco80008000 (1762) 2.8(9.1)7010
Eco1100010000 (2200) 3.0 (9.8)9510
Eco1400014000 (3080)3.2 (10.4)14010
Eco1700017000 (3740)3.5 (11.4)18010

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