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Compact Sieve

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Compact Sieve

Compact Sieve
Compact version of the UltraSieve for use only in a pump fed configuration.
The Stainless Steel filter element has a width of 24 cm and a length of 40 cm
with 300 micron openings. Maximum flow rate is approximately 15 m³ per hour (3300gph).
Pump inlet: 25/32/40mm hose tail
Housing: Dark Green or Blue Granite PE. Shipped with cover.
Output and overflow: 75mm push fittings.
Very easy to use: a submersible circulation pump (Oase, Messner, etc.) is
connected directly to the CompactSieve input. The water flows through the
sieve and removes all particle matter down to a size of 300 micron. The
CompactSieve must always be installed above the water level of the pond.

Dimensions 49cms x 32cms x 55cms High

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Price: 249.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • Dark Green   
  • Blue Granite